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Birthday Reflections

My birthday started as I hit the ground running or rather stretching and exercising, trying to nip a back pain flare-up in the bud, and a couple of text messages with birthday greetings. After leaving the house for work a few minutes late I got stuck behind a semi-truck with engine problems. Thankfully, I had prepared our school breakfast items the day before so I was able to serve breakfast on time just a few minutes after I got to work.

My day was filled with pleasant surprises and experiences. I share a birthday with our principal. My friend and co-worker came bearing gifts (among them cake). A third-grade class made a birthday poster for me to post in the lunch room, two coworkers called to sing “Happy Birthday” to me. Our janitor walked through the kitchen whistling a happy birthday tune. Various students gave me birthday greetings as they came through the lunch line. One little guy, missing his front tooth, sang his unique version ending with, “happy birthday Therry”.

After work I made a quick stop at home to put my cake in the fridge and found a card on the counter from my husband. After weeks of Friday after-work appointments I enjoyed attending my Bible Study again. It was interesting to learn more about the cultural celebration of Easter compared to the celebration of the feast days established by God in the Old Testament and precisely fulfilled by Jesus in the New Testament. Next I enjoyed a brisk walk through our little town to meet my friend for coffee (tea for me).

The evening capped the day with my favorite salad at the Nordstrom café, my favorite movie at home (Return to Me) and my favorite friend (my husband).

Accepted in the Beloved~

A few years ago I experienced a particularly discouraging difficulty with an overwhelming sense of rejection. Each morning I would hear that still small voice saying “you are accepted in the beloved.” Yesterday as I read the many birthday greetings received via social media and old-fashioned cards that same phrase came to mind. And I am grateful.

I am not super excited about the latest gift my aging body has given me along with aching joints and the need for reading glasses. But I am grateful for the perspective that coming through some life difficulties has given me. I am grateful for an increasing love for God’s Word and increased understanding. There is nothing more exciting to me than a good Bible Study! I am grateful for increased love and appreciation for my husband. I am thankful and blessed by the love of family and friends. God has given me the gift of peace and I am truly happy. “To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he (Jesus) hath made us accepted in the beloved.” Ephesians 1:6



SBPC - WIN_20140425_181527

Not the Kansas Federal prison,
But the little Bavarian-style town
Quaint and nestled at an entrance
Into the Cascade Mountains
A river runs through it
Hills roll around it
Dotted with apple orchards
A couple of hours away from
What the locals call “the coast”
Though Seattle is far from it.
Festivals dot the year
Apple Blossom, May Day, Autumn Leaf,
Oktoberfest, Christmas Lighting
Attracting tourists here
Unique little shops,
Cheesy tourist traps,
Themed hotels and restaurants
All within walking distance.
Founded as a logging town
Later just a little town
Trying to stay alive
Now a town of art, artists and
Given to hospitality
A wonderful destination
I would say they’ve done a good job.

SBPC - WIN_20140425_181850

Ferry Ride



The bluest skies you’ve ever seen,
The water sparkles calm blue-green,
Bound by mountains east and west,
Its a spring day at its best!

Gulls and herons gather ’round
As we travel across the Sound,
Cars and passengers afloat,
Aboard a Washington Ferry boat.

The sunshine’s warm, the air is chill,
The wind is brisk, the horn is shrill,
Variegated green on the distant hill,
In my heart a spring-time thrill.

To the north, Mount Baker – white,
South, Rainier’s a majestic sight,
Jagged Olympics to the west,
Cascades to the east, equally blest.

Drive the quiet island countryside,
Forrest and gardens kept with pride,
Respite from the cities’ crowd
Busy, rushing, restless, loud.

Adventure in a quick fun jaunt,
Lunch at a little restaurant,
Discoveries become a favorite haunt,
Someone to share it, what more could one want?



Rain Shower

mini garden

Wind-driven branches wave a vigorous goodbye,
New blossoms peek out, nod their heads and sigh,
The sun hides behind the clouds,
As they begin to cry
And build into an unexpected tantrum.

The day’s face grows dark,
The sky thunders what it said,
Birds and furry creatures scurry
Seeking cover for their head.
The wind comes with fury like a phantom.

The sun comes out again and says,
There, there let’s dry your tears,
Practiced at restoring calm and order
Through the years,
Invigorating warmth spreads through the ground.

Rain drops like tears sparkle on the cheek of green,
Squirrels venture out to the world all scrubbed and clean,
Storm and cloud evaporate
‘Till they’re no longer seen,
The air again is filled with spring-time sound.

Toyota Winds


Chase the umbrella
As it tumbles down the shore,
Fly down the dunes
Then climb up to fly some more.

Feel a stinging on your legs
As the wind whips up the sand,
Build memories
Even better than you planned.

Go fly a kite
‘Till it tires out your arms,
Watch surfers dodge
The mighty ocean’s harms.

Walk against the wind
As it nearly blows off your hair
Smile when your little one says,
“It’s like a Toyota out there!”

Joy and Longing


Sometimes I long to
wrap myself in the words of a beautiful song,
be engulfed in the swell of majestic music,
climb into the purity of a passage of Scripture,
disappear into the serenity of a nature scene,
Not merely to look, listen, taste, touch or feel
but to become part of it, one with it, indistinguishable from it
What is it?
What power touches a place of deep joy in my soul
and moves me to tears?
What is this intense desire to be made one with such beauty?
Could it be reality awaiting restoration?
A shard of something lost in Eden’s garden-
sheer joy and delight, belonging, in the presence of perfection
Have you felt it? I surely cannot be the only one.