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Exotic Places to Live

As she approached I remembered her daughter had lived in Asia.  Probably prompted by my daughter’s potential adventure.  I asked how her daughter was doing.  She brightened and answered, “Oh she’s doing great!  She’s married and lives in Seattle now.  Now my son lives in Amsterdam and I got to visit him.”

It wasn’t one-upmanship, really.  The thought strolled into my mind unbidden and unspoken.  Filling my heart with joy.  “My son lives in heaven and when I go to see him it will be to stay.”





When did marble breathe
And dazzle your eyes?

When did scenes invite you to
Lay down and stare at the ceiling?

Paints blended to perfection
Like photography before it existed.

A newborn baby’s unmarred alabaster skin.

The silken unfolding of flower petals.

The mighty rush of pristine waters.

Unmatched enchantment of a star studded night sky.

Masterpieces all.


What the World Needs

This was an interesting collaborative poetry prompt from writingwingsforyou.com. This is the first time I’ve participated in something like that. It is fun to think on this subject and also to see the thoughts of others and the way they expressed them.

What the World Needs

Courage and a cheerful smile,
Kind hearts that go the extra mile.

Beauty in the human heart,
Reflected in our work and art.

Vision to prize higher goals,
Love purity and long lost souls.

Minds that will meet you more than half,
A good old-fashioned belly laugh.

Hope when we hang on the edge of a funnel,
Light at the end of the darkest tunnel.

The helping hand to pull us out,
Forgive, restore, remove our doubt.

Triumphal music of the spheres
That melts away the hurtful years,

Courage to conquer Giant Despair,
And reflect God’s goodness everywhere.

In the Valley of Decision

More afraid to live than to die,
More afraid to fail than not try,
But if I’m paralyzed by fear,
“Good, faithful servant” I’ll not hear.

I hang on to my comfy life,
It’s selfish at the core,
I wonder at its emptiness,
And long for something more.

How can I take this leap of faith,
And not know where I’ll land?
What if it doesn’t turn out right?
He says, “Just hold my hand.”

All things through Christ who strengthens me,
He says that I can do.
But does the way I live my life,
Prove I believe it’s true?

Strong enough to live and to cry,
Strong enough to fail and still try,
If I will trust in Him, not me,
“Good, faithful servant” I will be.

Soul Song

I want to touch the hem of your garment
I want to hide within your robes
I want to cling to you forever
O Lord I’ll never let you go

I want to climb upon your knee
I want to lean upon your breast
I want to hear you whisper to me
Peace, my child I know what’s best

I will be still and know that You are my God
I will exalt thee
I will exalt thee
With my life

I want to give myself completely
To have our two hearts beat as one
To hear you say when this life’s over
Welcome home my child, well done

O Lord I know I am not worthy
Of all the kindness you have shown
O how I glory in your mercy
So glad to be your very own

I will be still and know that You are my God
I will exalt thee
I will exalt thee
With my life

The gospels of Mark and Luke tell of a woman who sought healing from Jesus by just touching the border of his garment. “I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for he hath clothed me with the garments of salvation, he hath covered me with the robe of righteousness…” Isaiah 61:10

April is Poetry Month!

I read somewhere that April is poetry month, so my challenge is to post a poem each day this month. I am no poetry expert, but I am grateful I can read and enjoy what other authors produce. I have enjoyed learning about different types of poetry and trying my hand at them. I remember as a child in third and fourth grade loving the beauty of lines by Robert Frost, the challenge and simplicity of Haiku and driving my mom nuts after I learned about limericks.

So, here goes . . .

I have a simple life
I am a mother I’m a wife
I have a modest home
Family and friends to call my own
I’ve only one life to life
And only myself to give
Such a small gift to bring
To offer to a King

My talents, they are few
My skills, they seem so rough
All that’s within myself
Just never seems enough
A boy brings his lunch to You,
Two fish and some little loaves of bread
He gives it all to You
You feed a multitude instead
Such a small gift to bring
To offer to a King

Lord, take my simple life
Change me and make it count for You
In all the little things
All that I think and say and do
Oh Lord, show me where to start
And give me a faithful heart
As I obey your commands
And rest within your hands