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Break the Spiral of Silence


Awake! Bride of Christ – be brave,
Proclaim that He alone does save,
Proclaim the hard things in His Word,
Do not pretend you have not heard.

Your silence makes it hard to speak,
You become hypocritical and weak,
You bar lost souls from truth they seek,
You contribute to a future bleak.

Bonhoeffer saw the evil of his day,
And that most of the church had nothing to say,
Sin of selfishness and pride,
Because of silence millions died.

The same is happening today,
We’re no more innocent than they,
Like Pilot we say, “I wash my hand”
And do not dare to take a stand.

Promoting tolerance not Truth,
Filled with all the lusts of youth,
Failing to heed prophetic voice,
Awake and make a better choice!

We rather like psychology,
Trust evolution and ecology,
And other types of so-called science,
Have our allegiance and compliance.

But to believe the Word of God,
Is too simplistic and quite odd,
We don’t like that old-fashioned stuff,
The savvy know it’s not enough.

And so the culture makes the rules,
Without our influence or our tools,
While we embrace the crumbs they give,
And miss the way God says to live.

Repent! Know resurrection power!
Let God reform your heart this hour,
Jesus alone can truly save,
From chains of sin that hold us slave.

Your silence will not set you free,
Friend of the world you cannot be,
Fear not what man can do to you,
Have courage! To His Word be true.

Don’t shave the truth to not offend,
To every whim of culture bend,
Have you not learned or understood?
Your silence does more harm than good.

But learn to speak the truth in love,
One goal – to please the LORD above,
Even if persecution falls,
Stand up for Jesus when He calls.

I recently listened to a powerful discussion between Dr. Erwin Lutzer and Eric Metaxas titled “The Role of the Church in Our Culture” and this poem is my response. Hear the discussion for yourself at http://www.moodymedia.org/sermons/-/role-church-our-culture/#.UIWkyJUU.IU