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Fault Lines

Two sides shift

Imperceptibly at first

Small compromises build

One upon another

Hidden faults eventually surface

Rifts become wider

Life sucked out

Rushes back as a tsunami of pain

Causing more destruction than meets the eye

Foundations damaged

Possessions scattered

Souls lost

Generations scarred

The bitter end is bigger than its beginning


Skeleton in the Closet

The skeleton in the closet
Once was clothed in flesh
Eyes envisioning the future
Two hearts beating for each other

Tears from sightless sockets
An ache in the heartless chest
The burdensome secret must be kept
No one can know how dead life is

Time takes its toll, shrivels the soul
Familiarity breeds contempt
Disappointment dissolves into neglect
Healthy gives way to hollow
Atrophy sets in
Love wastes away to less than skin and bones