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Spring Renewal

Spring renewal so romantic and quaint,

But I’m here to tell you that sometimes it ain’t.

And when the notices come all at once,

Respond in time or be a dunce,

Member of this, certified in that.

Renew the license on the cat,

Renew my privilege to drive,

And my pledge to help someone survive,

(In the event of my demise,

My parts may live on in disguise.)

Renew attempts to not be fat,

Renewals make my wallet flat

But to complain is of no use,

Except it’s fun to sound like Dr. Seuss.


What the World Needs

This was an interesting collaborative poetry prompt from writingwingsforyou.com. This is the first time I’ve participated in something like that. It is fun to think on this subject and also to see the thoughts of others and the way they expressed them.

What the World Needs

Courage and a cheerful smile,
Kind hearts that go the extra mile.

Beauty in the human heart,
Reflected in our work and art.

Vision to prize higher goals,
Love purity and long lost souls.

Minds that will meet you more than half,
A good old-fashioned belly laugh.

Hope when we hang on the edge of a funnel,
Light at the end of the darkest tunnel.

The helping hand to pull us out,
Forgive, restore, remove our doubt.

Triumphal music of the spheres
That melts away the hurtful years,

Courage to conquer Giant Despair,
And reflect God’s goodness everywhere.