Fault Lines

Two sides shift

Imperceptibly at first

Small compromises build

One upon another

Hidden faults eventually surface

Rifts become wider

Life sucked out

Rushes back as a tsunami of pain

Causing more destruction than meets the eye

Foundations damaged

Possessions scattered

Souls lost

Generations scarred

The bitter end is bigger than its beginning


Anniversary Waltz


And so we began
To measure time together
One, two, three – you and me
With high hopes
And moderate dreams
This piece more challenging
Than at first seems
Some notes of dissonance
Within harmonious themes
One, two, three – you and me
Each year at winter’s end
Back to our mutual coda
Singing again our favorite part
Memories treasured in the heart
Courtship and wedding days
Newlywed freedoms, pressures and praise
One, two, three – you and me
Crescendo of our baby’s cry
Pianissimo of sorrow’s sigh
Yet steady rhythm as years go by
One, two, three – you and me
Forte the crises of life,
Marching on as husband and wife
Melodious, quiet and peaceful life,
You and me, you and me

Copyright 2014 Sherry Bibb