Spring Renewal

Spring renewal so romantic and quaint,

But I’m here to tell you that sometimes it ain’t.

And when the notices come all at once,

Respond in time or be a dunce,

Member of this, certified in that.

Renew the license on the cat,

Renew my privilege to drive,

And my pledge to help someone survive,

(In the event of my demise,

My parts may live on in disguise.)

Renew attempts to not be fat,

Renewals make my wallet flat

But to complain is of no use,

Except it’s fun to sound like Dr. Seuss.


A Winter Parody

I’ve been thinking about all of my sick co-workers, family and friends and stocking up on Nyquil, Dayquil, Theraflu and lemon and ginger tea.  One year I spent every single break from school trying to get well so I could go back to work.  Every. Single. Break!  So, the next year I decided to get my first flu shot as a preventative measure.  That was the second year I spent every single break trying to get well so I could return to work.

Thankfully I have been healthy this year, but people around me are dropping like flies.  This little parody is in honor of them.  So muster up your best Johnny Mathis or Karen Carpenter impression and sing along ~

Body aches and pains,

Sniffles, fever and chills,

H1N1 strains, Wait and see,

Doctors on the way to save the day,

With meds.  Made for you and for me.

It’s that time of year

When the world gets the flu,

Every cough you hear seems to say,

Better watch out!

The next victim could be you,

And these germs of mine,

Spreading all the time,

Bring to you and yours the same thing too!

Wishing Everyone a Healthy Cold and Flu Season!

© Sherry Bibb, 2014

Tea Slinger

Good strong tea

I stagger into the kitchen
(Because I’m Not a Morning Person)
And think,
“I need a good stiff drink.”
Opening the cupboard
Like a gunslinger
Bursting through saloon doors
I rifle through its contents
I know you’re in there!
Who will it be today?
English Breakfast or Earl Grey
Come and meet your maker!
That will never do
I’m not looking for you
How’d you get in here anyway?
Must have snuck in from the store.

Ahhh, nothing like good strong tea
With a little cream and sugar
On a rainy day
I think I’ll read Louis L’Lamour.