Archive | September 2014

Dark to Dawn

After dismal night,

Morning breaks reflecting hope,

Dazzling, golden light.



Some people mistake
Condescension for kindness,
Assuming the condescended to
Are too dense to notice,
Uncomprehending the discourtesy
Of their comment,
Oblivious to the absurdity
Of their pride.

As Summer Meets Fall

I hear the lovely racket of rain

Outside the open window pane

And enjoy a quiet, cozy night

After first day of school’s frenzied flight


When the sun again casts its glow

The crisped air will let us know

That the seasons have made their exchange

Like the schedules that we rearrange


I’ll look back with contented sigh

As I kiss summer pleasures goodbye

And embrace my best season of all

The warmth, beauty and blessings of fall