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A Superb, Satisfying Summer Saturday

As we gathered together in the evening, it was unanimous.  It had been a wonderful day.  It was our first Saturday together in two months and would be our last Saturday together for a long while.  With various work schedules we only saw each other in passing or for a brief family pow-wow at Starbucks for a half-hour or so before one of us dashed off to the next job or volunteer responsibility.

The morning sun was a good sign as it streamed through the window, brightening the walls and beckoning us to come outside and play.  We performed our individual morning routines and were ready to head out for the day.

Kayaking on the slough that skirts our little town was first on the agenda.  Paddling effortlessly on the smooth water we saw Mallards with their tail feathers sticking straight up out of the water as they snatched something under the water.  We picked a few blackberries hanging thickly from the bushes that lined the banks of the waterway.  This was not as easy a task as picking berries while standing on unmoving ground.  Often we floated  past the target berry that was just out of reach but didn’t want to risk winding up upside down in the water like one of the ducks.  We all laughed as we observed one little duck who was quite well acquainted with the taste of blackberries and how to pick them.  We saw her eyeing a low-dangling berry, she positioned herself under it and then lurched out of the water and got it, landing with a splash back into the water.  We all had a good laugh at that and enjoyed the beauty and humor that nature provides.

The two blackberries we managed to pick, although delicious, were not enough to satisfy our hunger so we walked over to our favorite little Bothell burger joint, The Ranch.  As we enjoyed talking together and munching on delicious burgers, fries and onion rings, we observed the construction taking place across the street and thought about the way things were and how our town will be changing in the months to come.  We got up to walk to the library and my daughter did something that, for me, was the best memory  of the day. She heard the numbers called out for someone to pick up their order and observed the two older ladies struggling to get to their feet, one with the aid of her walker.  She quickly went over and volunteered to get their lunches for them.  The ladies were so thrilled at her kindness and it was a pleasure to help them out!  But the greatest joy filled my heart as a observed the kind, thoughtful, helpful adult my daughter has become.  I was hoping it would work out that way!

After a quick walk to the library we went for some mother-daughter fun to our favorite local pedicure place.  A hot stone massage later, our feet and toes were all pampered and painted and ready for sandals again.  And for the cherry on top (wrapped in chocolate) we went to Sees to pick out a just a few pieces.

We each had individual responsibilities to take care of for a few hours.  But later that evening after the dinner crowds had passed and when hunger returned, we went out to dinner.  Because we’ve all been so busy going in different directions throughout the summer we hadn’t really had opportunity to share a meal together since June when we were on an Alaskan cruise.  When we got home we played a domino game of Mexican Train.  Actually we played half a game and saved the other half for the next day because it was getting pretty late and church would come early the next morning.  And time was winding down.  Our remaining family time was getting very short indeed.

The day had been as naturally beautiful as one could hope for;  blue sky, warm sun, soft breeze.  We enjoyed some physical activity,  shared the serenity of nature and observed animal antics that you don’t see everyday.  Each part of the day was filled with laughter, joking, remembering and anticipating good things in the future.  We enjoyed the blessing of being three adults in the same family who actually enjoyed each others’ company.  Late in the day we echoed the same refrain, “it has been a wonderful day!”  “a really nice day!” “a beautiful day!”.  It was agreed that we had done an outstanding job of packing as many good memories into one day as we could.  It was one superb, satisfying summer Saturday.





Anxiety and sadness
Twin clouds
Hover over my heart
Change and loss
Summer freedom ends
And she’ll be gone
Back to school
For both of us
In more ways than one.
But, I am happy
For her
And petrified
For me
I know
I was a good student
But that was
Years ago
Shhh, hush now
Change brings gain
Routine will come
Fear and pain
Will vanish
Into autumn air

The Good Life?

Ahh, the Beautiful People
Living on the pinnacle of dreams
The good life isn’t always as it seems
They are all too human after all
Not the god-like beings standing tall
In the glow of all this world esteems

Ahh, the Powerful People
By all the man-made standards they excel
With genius, beauty, strength they do compel
But these must all diminish over time
None occupies for long the heights sublime
Just one prevailed against the gates of hell

Ahh, the Brilliant People
More wise in their own eyes than simple truth
They cling to their ideas and their own proof
By their own good works they choose to stand
Not humbled beneath God’s almighty hand
But will they stand the test of faded youth?

Ahh, the Pitiful People
With wealth of grace they lack and suffer loss
Their fortunes, fame, intelligence – but dross
Martyrs to their faith they can’t find hope
In power, prowess, people, pot or pope
Stumbled by level ground at the foot of the cross


“Thus saith the LORD, let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches:  But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the LORD which exercise lovingkindness, judgment and righteousness, in the earth:  for in these things I delight, saith the LORD.”    Jeremiah 9:23-24  The Holy Bible, Old Testament





When did marble breathe
And dazzle your eyes?

When did scenes invite you to
Lay down and stare at the ceiling?

Paints blended to perfection
Like photography before it existed.

A newborn baby’s unmarred alabaster skin.

The silken unfolding of flower petals.

The mighty rush of pristine waters.

Unmatched enchantment of a star studded night sky.

Masterpieces all.


What the World Needs

This was an interesting collaborative poetry prompt from This is the first time I’ve participated in something like that. It is fun to think on this subject and also to see the thoughts of others and the way they expressed them.

What the World Needs

Courage and a cheerful smile,
Kind hearts that go the extra mile.

Beauty in the human heart,
Reflected in our work and art.

Vision to prize higher goals,
Love purity and long lost souls.

Minds that will meet you more than half,
A good old-fashioned belly laugh.

Hope when we hang on the edge of a funnel,
Light at the end of the darkest tunnel.

The helping hand to pull us out,
Forgive, restore, remove our doubt.

Triumphal music of the spheres
That melts away the hurtful years,

Courage to conquer Giant Despair,
And reflect God’s goodness everywhere.