Archive | July 2014

I-5 to Seattle

La Conner cooled with pleasant breeze,
Bald eagles frisk among the trees,
A quaint shop filled with cups and teas,
The sun has come to town.

Mt. Baker gleams in radiant daze,
Rainier wears pashmina haze,
The brilliant sun averts my gaze,
But no face wears a frown.

Wide on the distant mountain’s side,
The clean slate of the Oso slide,
Unseen how Stillaguamish cried,
Since March, time marches on.

Evergreens of variegated hue,
Against sky backdrop of brilliant blue,
Tail-light red and signal yellow come into view,
Gray ribbon stretches out and gone.

Radios blare a favorite band,
Bumper stickers take a stand,
Wind plays against an outstretched hand,
Convertible tops are down.