Ferry Ride



The bluest skies you’ve ever seen,
The water sparkles calm blue-green,
Bound by mountains east and west,
Its a spring day at its best!

Gulls and herons gather ’round
As we travel across the Sound,
Cars and passengers afloat,
Aboard a Washington Ferry boat.

The sunshine’s warm, the air is chill,
The wind is brisk, the horn is shrill,
Variegated green on the distant hill,
In my heart a spring-time thrill.

To the north, Mount Baker – white,
South, Rainier’s a majestic sight,
Jagged Olympics to the west,
Cascades to the east, equally blest.

Drive the quiet island countryside,
Forrest and gardens kept with pride,
Respite from the cities’ crowd
Busy, rushing, restless, loud.

Adventure in a quick fun jaunt,
Lunch at a little restaurant,
Discoveries become a favorite haunt,
Someone to share it, what more could one want?




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