Rain Shower

mini garden

Wind-driven branches wave a vigorous goodbye,
New blossoms peek out, nod their heads and sigh,
The sun hides behind the clouds,
As they begin to cry
And build into an unexpected tantrum.

The day’s face grows dark,
The sky thunders what it said,
Birds and furry creatures scurry
Seeking cover for their head.
The wind comes with fury like a phantom.

The sun comes out again and says,
There, there let’s dry your tears,
Practiced at restoring calm and order
Through the years,
Invigorating warmth spreads through the ground.

Rain drops like tears sparkle on the cheek of green,
Squirrels venture out to the world all scrubbed and clean,
Storm and cloud evaporate
‘Till they’re no longer seen,
The air again is filled with spring-time sound.


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