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I baked cornbread yesterday
The warm chewy, crumbly goodness
A delight to my carbs-deprived lips
A sudden hunger for something else
I haven’t had in a long time.
Does anyone even use the phrase
“Slower than molasses
In the wintertime”
I pulled the molasses
Out of my pantry
And drizzled some
On my cornbread
The heavy, earthy sweetness
Floods my mouth with flavor
And my mind with
Long forgotten memories
And stories
Of my great-grandmother
Born before 1910
I’m not sure exactly when,
I don’t think she was either.
To not know your birthdate
To not lock your house
To be married at age 14
She shared the scandalous
Tale of her teenage years–
She once rode a horse
Straddle instead of side-saddle!
Maybe it was more than once.
She belonged to a different era
She was a gentle soul,
Sweet and simple, fragile yet sturdy.
She was widowed at age 55
She lived as a widow
Longer than she had been married
She never cut her hair
Because her husband liked it long.
She told me about
Making sorghum molasses
A process similar to
Making maple syrup
There was a wistfulness
In the way she said
“Sorghum molasses”
Like she was remembering
So much more
And so it reminds me of her-
Belonging to a different era
A poor man’s honey
Sweet yet strong
Delicate and down to earth
More complex and rich
Than I first thought.


2 thoughts on “Molasses

  1. This is entertaining. When I make cornbread, it would never occur to me to top it with anything besides maple syrup. Must be the Canadian in me! lol Maple Leaf Forever! 😉

  2. Our families are from Oklahoma, so we top cornbread with pinto beans most often. I was first thinking of honey, then molasses kicked in. Cornbread in milk is also a favorite of our forefathers. Interesting huh? BTW where are you finding the little smiley face?

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