Still Trusting

give thanks

I trust You in the unfulfillment
Of dreams that will not now be
I trust you in the disappointments
That through them You are molding me.

You knew all my youthful heart desired
And led my by a different route
I to full abundant life aspired
By emptiness it comes about?

Man’s designs and human error
Can’t thwart what sovereignly you’ve planned
You still work all things for my good
Though often I don’t understand

Sometimes though, I feel betrayed
By a manipulator’s voice
Fear, confusion, heartache stayed
Persuading me to make a choice

Forgive, wait, study, pray
Endure, persevere, obey
Continue in love; not bitter, be sweet
Know joy, abundance — transformation
From learning at the Savior’s feet.

Sadly though my progress is slow
And I often stumble on this path
There is always so much more to know
So at myself I cry or laugh

Lift my gaze to see past now
Beyond troubles and cares this life brings
Trusting while not knowing how
In waiting you will give me wings.


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