Loves Lost

How quickly you return to me
After so long an absence
You were my girlhood crush
Our mothers were best friends
You probably thought I was just
A silly little girl
And I was.
You seemed so
Much older than me

Remember that night at the fair?
We rode so many rides
Just you and me
What were we, 10 and 13?
Swirling on the Matterhorn I thought,
How much I loved you
I told you
We were supposed to return with the tickets
Instead of using them all ourselves
Our moms weren’t as mad as I thought they’d be
I was sorry we made them worry
But oh what fun
Being next to you.
Then 3,000 miles apart
We wrote, years passed.

Tonight a TV show brought you back to me
A sick child
Vague symptoms of a mystery illness
Poor respiration, salty skin. . .
Ah yes, I remember
Cystic Fibrosis.

I answered the phone when your mom called
Joy and pain
In a split second
I knew
Almost before she spoke
That it was her and you were gone
At 17
She came to visit us you know
Now she’s gone too.

So many years have passed
Is anyone else left to remember you?
Gary, my friend
I loved you then
And I treasure the memory of you.


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