April is Poetry Month!

I read somewhere that April is poetry month, so my challenge is to post a poem each day this month. I am no poetry expert, but I am grateful I can read and enjoy what other authors produce. I have enjoyed learning about different types of poetry and trying my hand at them. I remember as a child in third and fourth grade loving the beauty of lines by Robert Frost, the challenge and simplicity of Haiku and driving my mom nuts after I learned about limericks.

So, here goes . . .

I have a simple life
I am a mother I’m a wife
I have a modest home
Family and friends to call my own
I’ve only one life to life
And only myself to give
Such a small gift to bring
To offer to a King

My talents, they are few
My skills, they seem so rough
All that’s within myself
Just never seems enough
A boy brings his lunch to You,
Two fish and some little loaves of bread
He gives it all to You
You feed a multitude instead
Such a small gift to bring
To offer to a King

Lord, take my simple life
Change me and make it count for You
In all the little things
All that I think and say and do
Oh Lord, show me where to start
And give me a faithful heart
As I obey your commands
And rest within your hands


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