Archive | March 2014

Anniversary Waltz


And so we began
To measure time together
One, two, three – you and me
With high hopes
And moderate dreams
This piece more challenging
Than at first seems
Some notes of dissonance
Within harmonious themes
One, two, three – you and me
Each year at winter’s end
Back to our mutual coda
Singing again our favorite part
Memories treasured in the heart
Courtship and wedding days
Newlywed freedoms, pressures and praise
One, two, three – you and me
Crescendo of our baby’s cry
Pianissimo of sorrow’s sigh
Yet steady rhythm as years go by
One, two, three – you and me
Forte the crises of life,
Marching on as husband and wife
Melodious, quiet and peaceful life,
You and me, you and me

Copyright 2014 Sherry Bibb


The Cleft of the Rock

I set you in a broken place,
And pass before you there,
In the midst of suffering,
While burdened down with care.

My presence then shall comfort you,
And give you strength to stand,
To lay hold of eternal life,
While covered by my hand.

Press on-fight the good fight of faith,
Against seen and unseen foe,
I’ve so much good stored up for you,
In realms high and below.

Fear not-discouraged do not be,
My witness you have been,
Your fruitfulness you may not see,
But you will know it when,

I welcome you home at last,
In the kingdom of my dear Son,
Your earthly journey and sorrows past,
And again, I say, “Well Done.”

By Sherry Bibb copyright 2012