Let’s Review! “The River Queen” by Gilbert Morris

Would you like to escape the manic pace and technology overload but don’t have the wherewithal to retreat to your own private island?  Drift back in time with “The River Queen” as Gilbert Morris takes you to the romance of the pre-Civil War south.  With opening scenes and characters reminiscent of Gone with the Wind get a glimpse of grand plantations populated by dapper young men and bustling southern belles in the busy commercial center of Natchez, Mississippi.

When unforeseen events precipitate a change of fortune, the beautiful Julienne Ashby and her family are taken from the pampered plantation life to the nitty gritty hard work of survival and facing forces that threaten to corrupt virtue if it is based only in tradition and good manners.  At times unwillingly introduced to new ways of looking at herself and the others around her, she begins to understand and appreciate the witness of an undervalued friend.  Working side by side with and depending upon people she considered beneath her station, ingrained prejudices slowly begin to soften as she learns that worth, integrity, and even love are not measured by social status, but by the character residing within an individual.

I enjoyed being transported to another era and learning historical tidbits and details of life in a bygone era in the southern United States.   It was a simpler time, but the challenges of life especially in the face of tragedy and change are common to man regardless of time in history.  Seeing  how the various characters in the story were stronger and became better than they knew they could be when faced with daunting challenges was realistic and encouraging.  I do a lot of research type reading  so it was relaxing to read, as B&H Publishing says, for pure enjoyment.  I am currently reading the latest, just released book in Gilbert Morris’ Water Wheel series entitled “The River Rose.”  Look for my review in mid-June.

Read “The River Queen” and revisit a time when the river was the lifeline of the nation.  Relish this story of life, toil and triumph on the mighty Mississippi.


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